Eleven million people are using LPG in Colombia: Vice-Minister of Energy, Alonso Cardona

Eleven million people are using LPG in Colombia: Vice-Minister of Energy, Alonso Cardona

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Bogota D.C. November 23rd, 2017. "During the past five years, we have delivered over $143 billion in subsidies for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for poor families in rural areas. We went from zero household beneficiaries in 2013 to over 488,000 homes in 2017,", said the Vice-Minister of Energy, Alonso Cardona, during the First Colombian Encounter on LPG, which was organized by the Colombian Trade Association of Gas Retailers (Agremgas).

During his remarks, the Vice-Minister said that "between 2010 and 2016, we have been able to increase the use of LPG nationwide by reaching over 220,000 inhabitants, which is why LPG is being currently used by a total of 11.4 million people."

Likewise, he indicated that the challenges related to LPG affairs include the identification of those concerning supply, expansion and the post-conflict period.

Regarding supply matters, he indicated that the main tasks consist of promoting the national production of LPG and strengthening the import scheme that allows us to guarantee LPG provision throughout the country at the most efficient price possible.

Concerning expansion, he stated that there is a need to create incentives that promote demand increases such as the use of LPG as vehicular fuel and other alternative uses: "We must provide incentives for additional vehicular uses of LPG and also increase LPG-based electrical generation in the Non-Interconnected Areas."

With respect to post-conflict matters, he concluded by stating that "The Government, together with Ecopetrol, is studying the alternative proposed by this sector regarding the substitution of wood, which is still used by almost 3.5 million families, in exchange for cylinders and stoves. This kind of initiatives will allow us to reduce social inequality, improve living conditions among the most vulnerable parts of the population and making this sector more environmentally responsible."

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