The National Government and the Department of Antioquia have proposed solutions for the mining strike in Segovia

The National Government and the Department of Antioquia have proposed solutions for the mining strike in Segovia

Ministry of Mines and Energy – Segovia, Antioquia. August 25th, 2017.  The Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Office of the Governor of Antioquia presented a proposal for solving the mining strike in Segovia, after analyzing each of the requests from the representatives of the Mining Roundtable.

The National Government highlights that there is common ground regarding most points, but the strike must end in order to begin the negotiated process.

The National Government has presented proposals based on a process of determining the gold production chain in Segovia and Remedios for formalization purposes; supporting and giving technical aid to the Mayors of Segovia and Remedios to set the boundaries for industrial areas under land organization schemes that will enable the relocation of ore concentration plants; offering technical and environmental support for productive retraining in order to gradually eliminate mercury usage; establishing a work schedule for starting to mediate the formalization process involving all the mining title holders within the municipalities and the relevant informal Mining Production Units.

In addition, the proposal includes setting up a mining solutions office with the permanent presence of mining institutions and all the departmental authorities for the sake of advancing towards mining formalization and retraining those who do not wish to continue this activity. Likewise, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has offered to organize forums for building public policy proposals for the recognition of traditional and ancestral mining. During this entire process, the permanent presence of the United Nations Human Rights Office as an international observer will be guarantee.

At the same time, the National Government reiterated that the first step for mining formalization is legality and no progress shall be made towards any commitment until the strike has ended.

"We have always wanted to talk with the support of the National and Departmental Governments in order to reach a negotiated solution. The National Government has created formalization mechanisms for small-scale miners. We call on the Mining Roundtable in order to find joint agreements for allowing traditional miners to work under conditions of legality," said the Vice-Minister of Mines, Carlos Andres Cante.

Finally, Vice-Minister Cante underlined that all parties must contribute their willpower to the negotiations and highlighted the progress between the parties regarding the agreements that will allow everyone to work in a formal manner. It has been guaranteed that commitments shall be enforced once the strike has ended and once the rights and guarantees for the citizens of Segovia and Remedios have been reestablished. 

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