The Ministry of Mines and Energy held a new institutional discussion with law enforcement representatives regarding Proper Mining Activities

The Ministry of Mines and Energy held a new institutional discussion with law enforcement representatives regarding Proper Mining Activities

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Bogota D.C. August 30th, 2017.  The Ministry of Mines and Energy held a new inter-institutional dialogue with law enforcement representatives from Cundinamarca in order to strengthen the mining industry and continuing to promote Proper Mining Activities. 

The Director of Entrepreneurial Mining for the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Pedro Enrique Perico, expressed that the Bogota event was positive on balance and highlighted the importance of these activities with the security forces, taking into account that they are an essential pillar for the fight against the illegal extraction of mining and they are in permanent contact with the communities.

At the same time, representatives from the Police, Army and Navy indicated that these events allow them to join forces and find answers to their concerns.

"It is essential for state authorities to discuss existing issues in specific areas, especially on the illegal extraction of minerals that is also being replaced with incorrect views or poor information. These events facilitate decision-making in order to improve regional conditions, particularly regarding the procedures for the interdiction of criminal activity," said Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Hernandez, planning and environmental officer for the Army Brigade that works against the illegal extraction of minerals.

During the talks, the Head of Entrepreneurial Mining answered several questions from the law enforcement representatives about topics such as environmental impact, mining titles, and the presence of foreign companies as well as the importance of Proper Mining Activities, among other matters.

"No municipality has simultaneously said no to mining and renounced royalties or the use of products resulting from the same, because they are indispensable for the development and well-being of the communities. This activity has many positive impact and the negative ones can be mitigated. We are talking about the most regulated industry of them all, supervised by over nine entities, specialized agencies and also the citizens. On the other hand, since 2010 it has been established that there must be no mining in moorlands; what is necessary is a proper demarcation of moorland. In addition, it is not true that this sector is in the hands of foreigners: 7,721 out of 8,579 mining belong to Colombians and, among other things, only 10 out of 100 requests for mining titles are granted and only 3 of them end up establishing a mine; not all of the area under a title is used for extraction activities," he explained.

The Ministry of Mines will carry out another 15 conversations in five regions throughout the country, especially involving mayors, journalists, mining title holders and representatives from law enforcement as well as the Catholic Church, in order to follow through with its interest in building up community relations.

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