Proper Mining Activities in Cundinamarca are an example for the world: Vice-Minister of Mines, Carlos Cante

Proper Mining Activities in Cundinamarca are an example for the world: Vice-Minister of Mines, Carlos Cante

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Zipaquira, Cundinamarca. November 24th, 2017. During the opening of the Second International Mining Seminar titled "A view towards the mining future of Cundinamarca", the Vice-Minister of Mines, Carlos Andres Cante, highlighted the contribution of the department of Cundinamarca to national mining development with 978 titles, particularly underlining the production of coal, construction materials, clay and emeralds.

Cante emphasized the department's important coal potential of almost 1.7 billion tons. "We must thank mining activities in Cundinamarca for generating production chains, creating jobs and providing resources to finance education, infrastructure and health projects that contribute to reducing poverty indexes," he stated.  

The official made a call for sector formalization in order to provide adequate traceability as part of the meaning of environmentally and territorially responsible Proper Mining Activities. "We have been the greatest environmental protectors in the country, above all other industries. Not only through licensing but also including corporate social responsibility actions, we are the greatest promoters of reforestation and protectors of river basins. The biggest sector challenge is advancing towards a new development model in Colombia that includes communities as part of an early establishment of relations with the territory," he added.

Finally, Vice-Minister Cante underlined the mining development of Cundinamarca as a worldwide example of Proper Mining Activities. "This department has carried out modern mining activities with the capacity to establish better relations with their surroundings, evidencing the coexistence of mining activities and agriculture or tourism such as what we have seen in Zipaquira, with its Salt Cathedral, considered as one of the modern marvels of the world," Cante Puentes said.

During the opening ceremony, the participants included the Governor of Cundinamarca, Jorge Emilio Rey; the President of the National Mining Agency, Silvana Habib; the Legal Director of the Colombian Mining Association, Claudia Elena Niño; the Mining and Gas Secretary for the Governor of Cundinamarca, Carlos Montaño; the Manager of the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, Raul Alfonso Galeano; and the leadership of the Universidad Libre.

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