The Ministry of Mines and Energy is making progress towards energy sector adaptation

The Ministry of Mines and Energy is making progress towards energy sector adaptation

Ministry of Mines and Energy. San Vicente del Chucuri, Santander. November 24th, 2017.  The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) organized a conversation event titled "Use and management of non-renewable natural resources for territorial development," meant for contractors and officials of the Municipal Government in the municipality of San Vicente del Chuchuri (Santander).

This event was carried out for the purpose of providing clear and transparent information to the municipal community, concerning the use of natural resources for national development; the activity was undertaken within the framework of the Territorial Relationship Strategy, which seeks to establish a different type of regional dialogue, bringing elements for better decision-making in terms of territorial organization, thus generating a change in perceptions within these territories and building trust in the mining and energy sector.   

Durante the discussion, the following topics were addressed: territorial relationship strategy, royalties, Collective Bodies for Administration and Decision, non-renewable resources, administration of Colombia's natural resources and the illegal extraction of minerals; by discussing these subjects, the goal was the promoting a greater understanding about territory, its dynamics, parties, motivations and possibilities.  

The event took place on November 23rd and included the participation of twenty representatives from the Municipal Government, community leaders and church figures.

Friday, November 24, 2017, Santander, SAN VICENTE DE CHUCURÍ, Source: MinMinas
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