Mongolia has learned about the Colombian model for mining formalization and supply chains

Mongolia has learned about the Colombian model for mining formalization and supply chains

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Bogota D.C. May 22nd, 2018.  The Vice-Minister of Mines, Carlos Andres Cante Puentes, was the host for a visiting delegation from Mongolia, which consisted of members of the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, the Bank of Mongolia and the Department for the Inspection of Precious Metals, who showed interest in exchanging experiences and learning about the good practices for small-scale mining, taking as a reference the Colombian model for Mining Formalization.

Cante Puentes explained the public policy measures that have been implemented for due diligence throughout the mineral commercialization chain and how, thanks to the efforts of the National Government regarding mining formalization, work has been put in practice in order to promote Proper Mining Activities and face the illegal extraction of minerals.

"The different tools we have created for improving the minerals supply chain have allowed us to be acknowledged on a worldwide scale. We continue working towards the recognition of small-scale mining as an engine of rural economic development, supporting them during the formalization process and in the undertaking of mining activities under the guidelines of responsibility and sustainability," the Vice-Minister explained.

Mr. Byambatsogt Sandag, member of Parliament and head of the Mongolian delegation, highlighted the benefits of Proper Mining Activities and the importance of the Mining Formalization process for complying with national regulations.

His evaluation of the process was very positive, showing interest in learning about the Colombian experience in order to improve his knowledge of international practices and approaches regarding the handling of Artisanal Mining and small-scale mining (MAPE) as well as the specific supply chain for gold.

Since a little more than four year, the National Government has been providing advice to Mongolians about the Mining Formalization process through the Sustainable Artisanal Mining (SAM) Project of the Swiss Cooperation agency.  

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