Learn about the benefits of Decree 2143 of 2017 and save energy, money as well as take care of the environment

Learn about the benefits of Decree 2143 of 2017 and save energy, money as well as take care of the environment

Ministry of Mines and Energy. Ministry of the Environment. Bogota D.C. May 22nd, 2018. Through the "Return and Save" campaign, the National Government has provided important support to the National Program for Refrigerator Replacement that seeks the replacement of over one million home refrigerators with ten or more years of service over a period of five years.

This incentive undoubtedly benefits the planet as well as the wallets of consumers. For the sake of complying with this goal, on December 19th of 2017, the National Government issued Decree 2143 in order to establish the procedures for applying the differential 5% VAT rate for acquiring environmentally friendly refrigerators and replacing those refrigerators with over ten years of service.

This norm helps comply with Colombian commitments for a 20% reduction in the Greenhouse Effect Gas emissions estimated for the year 2030 and also to meet the schedule for eliminating the consumption of substances that deplete the ozone layer, which was established by the Montreal Protocol and the recently approved Kigali Amendment. 

Now, thanks to Decree 2143 from December 2017, new refrigerators can be acquired with only 5% VAT if a used refrigerator is returned. This benefit applies for all brands of used refrigerators or new ones for domestic food refrigeration and/or freezing. The following requirements must be met in order to access the benefits:

  1. Deliver the old refrigerator to the manufacturer or an authorized third party acting in their name and receiving the respective receipt certificate.
  2. Provide a public utility service invoice that certifies social strata classification (1, 2 o 3).
  3. The price of new refrigerators must be equal to or less than $1'183.669 including VAT (30 UVT, Tax Value Units) for the year 2018.

If these requirements are met, the consumer may participate in the "Return and Save" campaign of the National Program for Refrigerator Replacement, by following the steps below:

  • Deliver the used refrigerator to the manufacturer or the third party acting in their name
  • The manufacturer or authorized third party must issue a certificate of receipt for the use refrigerator that must contain: Certificate identification number; date of refrigerator receipt; name of who is delivering it, address and social classification of their home; brand and model of the received refrigerator; name and identification number of the company receiving the refrigerator.
  • At the point of purchase, after picking the refrigerator for purchase, the following documents must be presented: original certificate of receipt of the used refrigerator and photocopy of a public utility service invoice as a confirmation of home classification.
  •  At the point of purchase, the technical and net price requirements will be verified for the new refrigerator and a 5% VAT will be charged

Benefits for the country

For the environment

The environmental benefits of this measure will help comply with Colombian commitments from the Montreal Protocol and COP21 (reducing 20% of Greenhouse Effect Gas emissions, as estimated by 2030).

The introduction of domestic refrigerators that meet the requirements established in order to exchange them for an old model will bring yearly emissions savings equivalent to 180 Kg of CO2 per refrigerator and the equivalent of 3.58 tons of CO2 upon considering the average 20 year lifespan for refrigerators in Colombian households. This norm also contributes to the environmental policy objectives for the comprehensive management of dangerous waste (RESPEL) as well as to the National Policy for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Devices (RAEE), which seek an environmentally appropriate handling of said waste.

On Energy

Household energy consumption in homes that replace their refrigerators will decrease by 15% to 35%, which will be reflected in the energy costs that consumers pay on a monthly basis. If a million devices are replaced, there would be a 600 GWh decrease in consumption, equivalent to 2.7% of the yearly electricity consumption of the residential sector nationwide. That will contribute to complying with the goals of the 2017-2022 Indicative Action Plan for the Rational and Efficient Energy Use (PROURE), which was issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

On the Economy

Materials from used refrigerators will promote the recycling industry and the proper usage of steel, cooper and certain plastics in our country, if we consider that an old refrigerator may provide 20kg of steel for metal casting uses. Replacement one million refrigerators will represent a 20% increase in the use of the installed national production capacity of the domestic refrigeration sector as well as a proportional increase in the demand for materials such as plastic, steel, coal and paint, among other raw materials.

How and where can you return the refrigerator in order RECEIVE the VAT benefit?

  1. Call 317 405 05 10 or read all the information at: www.entregalayahorra.com
  2. Staff will schedule the date and time for pick up
  3. When that day arrives, the user will receive the respective certificate for the receipt of the used refrigerator

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